outdooroven-front outdooroven-back outdooroven-front-face
outdooroven-front outdooroven-back outdooroven-front-face

Outdoor Oven


The outdoor oven lets you experience the joy of working with food and fire.. You can go low and slow by baking a beautiful bread or slow-cook some delicious fish, veggies and meat. Or stoke up the fire and have a pizza ready in less than 5 minutes. The ovens can reach temperatures of up to 400°C (750°F), They are made out of CORTEN steel sheets and contain two stone baking boards inside the top part of the oven. These baking boards absorb all the heat from the flames and then pass it on to the food. This way, when you bake a pizza, it will always have that perfect light crispy base.

The oven is shipped in separate parts that you can easily assemble yourself. You don’t need any tools and the design is so simple that anyone can put it together. It has never been easier to make that amazing wood-fired food yourself.

More info coming soon!
If you have questions you can contact me directly: info@stadlermade.com