How do I assemble the Städler Made Outdoor Oven?
It is very easy. You will find a written step-by-step manual in the delivered flat-pack that helps you assembling the Outdoor Oven. Also, I am working on a how-to video to show you how the oven is put together.
How heavy is the Städler Made Outdoor Oven?
Made out of corten steel, the Städler Made Outdoor Oven weights 43 kg.
Is the Städler Made Outdoor Oven portable?
You can transport it if you are strong enough, but the oven is not made to be carried around.
Can I only make pizza in the Outdoor Oven?
No, you can cook almost everything you fancy.  From Cannelloni to crunchy bread - all results with that delicious smoky flavor.
How much time does it take until I can start baking?
Once the fire is going, you can start baking after 20-30 minutes.
How much smoke does the Städler Made Outdoor Oven produce?
Depending on the type and condition of the wood, it is sometimes more, sometimes less. When you start the fire the oven can create a little smoke, but once the fire is going it is less. Since it is an Outdoor Oven you should not use the Outdoor Oven indoors. 
How much wood do I need to make pizzas?
Once the fire is going, you can add a log about every 15-20 minutes, it depends of course on how hot you want your Outdoor Oven to be.
How long does it take to make a pizza in the Städler Made Outdoor Oven?
A crunchy wood fired pizza is ready between 4-10 minutes depending on how much wood you are burning.
How do I maintain my Städler Made Outdoor Oven?
The oven itself does not need much maintenance. The cordierite baking board has an open structure, which means you should never clean it with soap. Using a dry brush is the best way to clean the stone and if it is really dirty you can use a little warm water. Only use the Outdoor Oven when the stones have completely dried
Can I leave the Outdoor Oven in the rain?
The metal is weather resistant, but it is not recommended for the maintenance of your baking stones.
Can I leave my Outdoor Oven outside during winter?
It is important that the oven is stored in a dry and sheltered place. If you want to bake pizza in cold temperatures, make sure that you pre-heat the oven for an hour with a small flame, so your stones will not get a thermal shock.
Is there a warranty on the Städler Made Outdoor Oven?
Yes, there is a 6-month warranty on the cordierite baking stones and one year on the Outdoor Oven itself. Keep in mind that the corten steel is meant to rust in order to form a protective coating.
How is the metal affected by the heat of the fire?
Due to high temperatures, it is normal, that the metal sheets can deform a little. This does not have an impact on the baking quality.
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