• The mission

    My mission is to create the ultimate pizza education and make it accessible to everyone. Calculate, learn, save, and share your favorite recipes. Become part of the club and join now—it's free!

  • Ask a Maker

    Drop your questions in the comments, and fellow makers, along with Pieter Städler and the Maker team, are ready to lend a hand.

  • Get down and nerdy

    Use the pizza and the pan calculator as they are, or get down and nerdy by adjusting them to your setup, including fermentation times and temperatures.

  • Yeast before you feast

    Most pizza styles need just a tiny amount of yeast, often so small that your kitchen scale can't measure it. With our tool, you can measure these tiny amounts using your smartphone.

  • Pay less, make more

    Join the Maker Club and enjoy a 5% discount on your order!

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    • free pizza course
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    • access to all calculators
    • sweet sweet discounts
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