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Delicious Fish Recipe


One sea bream or other white fish (ask your fishmonger to clean it for you)

One lemon

A handful of baby potatoes

Two or three tomatoes

A handful of chard

Thyme / Rosemary / Dill

5 cloves garlic

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Start off with some baby potatoes or if you can’t find those chop some bigger potatoes into smaller chunks. Mix these with olive oil, salt, fresh herbs and plenty of garlic. Place this mix in an oven pan and then put the pan into your Outdoor Oven.

Bake it at a low temperature somewhere between 160°C to 180°C for about ten minutes. Getting to these temperatures start with firing up your oven as usual after about 30 minutes just add very little pieces of wood to keep your oven between 160°C to 180°C  preferably use the thermo-door.

In the meantime, slice your lemon, peel the garlic and cut the tomatoes into quarters.

All that’s left to do is open up your fish, when it is cleaned you can stuff it with lemon slices, a generous amount of fresh herbs, a bit of garlic and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. 

I know you must be getting really hungry by now but just hold on a little longer. Add the stuffed fish to the pan, along with the tomato quarters, the chard, more herbs, one last drizzle of olive oil and give your fish a little kiss for good luck. Now place it back into the oven for about 15 more minutes at about 175°C. And voilà!

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