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Grilled Sardines With Tomato Salad And Toasted Bread


(4 person)

12 – 16 Sardines depending on how big they are

500 Gram mixed cherry tomatoes

3 Anchovies

1 Large white onion

5 Gloves of garlic

1 Bunch of basil

1 Bunch of parsley

1 Bunch of fresh thymes

1 Bunch of fresh oregano

1 Bread or baguette

Good quality olive oil



1 Lemon (optional)


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Oh yeah! Summer on a plate. This dish reminds me of my holiday trip to the Portuguese coast. Fish straight from the grill with a side of fresh tomato salad and toast, seasoned with garlic and fresh herbs oil, and the warm glow of the evening sun on your back. To share this memory with you, I wrote down this recipe!

Start by firing up your Firepit around 30 minutes before starting to warm up the grill ring. In this recipe, we will grill a few things at the same time. So first, start with some preparation.

I assume that your sardines are already clean. But if this is not the case, clean them first by taking out the intestines and rinsing the insides with water. Season them with a little salt, black pepper and olive oil. 

For the tomato salad, you need to slice your tomatoes in half and drizzle them with olive oil.

Cut a white onion into thin slices, pick some fresh basil and put it apart. 

To make the garlic/herb oil, you need a heat-resisting pan. Fill it up with a good amount of olive oil, add a few cloves of garlic with the skin, and 3 anchovies. Finely chop the parsley, oregano and thyme and put them on the side. These you will add at the end.

Next, the bread. Slice it, add olive oil and rub it with a glove of garlic.

Okay, preparation is ready! Time to grill.

Check if your fire is still going, and add some extra wood if necessary.

Put your little pan with oil and garlic on the ring. Please make sure you are careful with this since it can become really hot. 

It’s time for the sardines. Gently put them on the grill ring. Cook them for 2 minutes on one side and turn them with a spatula and cook them for 1 more minute. Be careful, they can stick to the ring.

And last but not least, put the tomatoes, and bread on the ring. They will be ready in a jiffy! 

Now it’s time for a little multitasking. Check the sardines, keep an eye on the bread, and flip the tomatoes all at the same time! When everything is ready, slowly start serving and see that the whole table will be filled with delicious things. 

Mix the tomatoes with basil, onion, good quality olive oil, some sea salt flakes, black pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Take the garlic out of the oil, crush it with a knife and add it back into the oil along with the herbs. Spread it generously over the sardines and finish it off with a squeeze of lemon and the toasted bread.

Dinner is ready!


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