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How To Shape Dough Balls

When you start making pizzas, having pre-portioned balls of ready-to-use dough can be very handy.

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For a medium pizza, weigh out about 220/240 grams of dough. What you want to do next is fold the sides of the dough into the centre. Continue doing this for about 4 times 

When you feel that you’re putting tension on the gluten membrane, stop folding, pinch the seams at the bottom of the ball, and boom you’re ready! Or are you? look…

Place the dough ball on the working surface, making sure that the seams stay facing down. Hold it gently, with the sides of your hands resting on the table. Now shape the ball with an inwards rotation, always in the same direction (counterclockwise or clockwise, but not both)

By doing this you apply a little pressure to the dough ball, shaping it into a nice, round sphere.

If it’s not perfect, don’t worry. It takes a bit of practice, and even if they’re not perfectly round, your dough balls will still make a damn good pizza 

Now store your dough balls in an oiled or floured dough tray, baking sheet or pan. Make sure to cover the dough with cling film, a lid or a damp towel to prevent it from drying out. 


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