Oven Base 2.0

$ 64.00

The oven base is the perfect solution if you’re looking to put your oven on a rough outdoor surface, such as dirt, sand or an open field. The base will prevent the oven’s legs from sinking into the ground and will give the oven a sturdy foundation to stand on.

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Corten steelThe Oven base is made entirely from 3mm thick (0.12in)Corten steel sheet.

Corten is a steel alloy that forms a protective layer of rust on its surface. Just like the oven, when you order the base, you will receive it without any rust. As soon as you place it outside, where it will be subject to different weather conditions, the rusting process will set in. Depending on where you live, the process of turning from blank to rusty steel can take between a few months up to a year.

The steel is meant to rust in order to form a protective coating. In the first phase of the rusting process, some flakes of rust might come loose, but after a while, this will stop and the base will get its final look.

Perfect fit to place your Outdoor Oven 2.0

The oven base is (L)46,5x(W)50 cms

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