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15 August 2022

Thanks for this calcultator, I have been using it for a year! Is it possible to get back the custom hydratation input? It saves time

14 August 2022

nun habe ich mehr mals den Rechner verwendet und muss ehrlich sagen, dass er funktioniert toll. Die Pizzas sind super geworden und hatten super geschmecht.

Vielen Dank

14 August 2022

I really wish you would have left the water percentage as a variable we can change along with pizza weight, type, quantity and yeast type. I haven’t used the calculator in a few months and was surprised to have to make this change (and I did my calculations wrong the first time and think I corrected it since my dough was way too dry!). Could you please add in water percentage as a variable to the calculator? Other than that, the recipe with overnight cold fermentation is my favorite for use in my wood-fired oven.

Pete McPherson
13 August 2022

Would be curious to hear the difference between “active dried yeast” and “instant dried yeast!” I assume they aren’t quite interchangable.

13 August 2022

Thanks for all, this is very helpful…

13 August 2022

merci pour se program sa me simplifi la vie that make mi life isier

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