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29 May 2023

I’m a little confused about how long should I knead the dough before cold fermentation. On the YouTube video, it said 5 minutes, but here it seems like it should be the usual process of 10min or so. Is 5 minutes enough to get that window strech? Also, when would be a good time to do the window test? Thanks!

28 May 2023

Is the water unit in grams.? I thought I remember it being in ml. I use your calculator frequently, but haven’t for a few months.

27 May 2023

Once the dough has been put out of the fridge and rested for 4 hours why is it important that the top of the ball remains on top while forming the pizza ? After the dough rested 60 hours in the fridge and just rised at room temperature for 4 hours it was soo sticky and so loosy/weak. I eventually had to just refold it the caveman way, reformed a ball and then formed the pizza. It was much easier to handle and form. It turned out great ! Nice rising of the rim, nice caramelization, browned bottom, zero unpleasant flavor like i had with a 36hours cold fermentation dough btw.. It was delicious 😀
Thank you

Edward Lozano
24 May 2023

What temperature does your oven get for pizza

24 May 2023

Hellou.Gluten Free recipes?

23 May 2023

Thank you so much for all the refined informations and the calculator <3 Such a great source.

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