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Roger Fralich
24 November 2022

Interesting calculator. Would love to see an option for Active Dry Yeast. Also, the addition of an oil percentage would complete the calculator for me. Love your site and YouTube videos.

23 November 2022

Thanks a lot for this amazing pizza dough calculator, it is a life-hack!

12 November 2022

I use always this pizza calculator and the dough is perfect.

3 November 2022

I am looking for a gluten and wheat free dough recipe for my son. The ones I have tried so far breakup with kinetic sand. Can you help?

Sir Coolrich
30 October 2022

Could you ad a foccacia ratio?

Jakob Füssel
29 October 2022

I Made the sicilian dough exactly like the recipe and kneaded the dough for 20 min. My Arm is falling off and i am Not Sure,the dough is really wet and forming a ball is nearly impossible. Is That normal?

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