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20 September 2023

Just want to say love your Sicilian calculator! I do have a question however……can you add a round pan option for the Sicilian dough? I have round pans and love this recipe but it makes it hard to find the best dough ball size. Thanks!

10 September 2023

Thank you for the calculator. All types are already tried and each and every one of them is amazing.

10 September 2023

Why my pizza ball is black i put it into a freezer for 6 hours and its black

Saphira Scheidegger
9 September 2023

Hii. I just saw the recipe for the gluten free dough. Could you please tell me which flour you used exactly? There are so many different options available. Thank you very much.

7 September 2023

Hi, great site i finału made dought that i like. But i have question though, what flour or mix would you suggest for gluten-free dough?

4 September 2023

No olive oil %age in the calculator?

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