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Paul Tomasello
27 September 2022

Is Instant dry yeast same measurement as Dry yeast or is 1 more or less.


27 September 2022

Thank you for this calculation. But… Masses are great. But most of us cook with volumes. Any handy conversions between wt ounces and fluid ounces (or cups) for flour and water? 🙂

26 September 2022

Great idea, works very well

20 September 2022

Hello Pieter,

I just started using your Pizza Calculator. I like the different style options. I also watched your video on Making Neopolitan Pizza Dough. However, I would like to make your New York style dough which includes Sugar and Oil. In your video, you discuss dissolving the salt in the water first and then adding 10% of the flour to create a buffer for the yeast. My question is for the NY style, at what point of the mixing do you add the Sugar and Oil?

Thank you!

20 September 2022

Make a focaccia recipe too

18 September 2022

Wow! What a great calculator! Thank you so much for this. I’m always doing so many calculations, and this makes things so much easier! Can’t wait to order one of your pans when they are in stock!

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