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25 January 2023

When preparing the dough for Sicilian pizza Should I use a coarse or fine semolina


21 January 2023

I’m finding the dough to be very wet and hard to work following the Neapolitan hydration ratio using the right flour and with a digital scale. The dough is wet and sticky, even after a good 10 minutes of kneading. Anyone else experience this, maybe I need a new scale!

Love your website and videos!!!!

17 January 2023

Your app should allow for fractional pan sizes.


Chris J
15 January 2023

Hello, thanks for creating this calculator! I’m planning on cold fermenting for 72 hours, do the amounts of ingredients have to change at all for a 73 hour cold ferment?

13 January 2023

I’m using your recipe for a very long time now. Tried every pizza and my favorite is Neapolitan. Really like it when it sit in refrigerator for a couple days, never have i ever achieved this crust. So thanks!

Ruben V
9 January 2023

Hi, yesterday I tried the Neapolitan pizza recipe – the quick version (ca. 6 hours proofing).

The pizza’s were nice, taste was great. Only, the bottoms were burnt badly! I had the impression that the pizza’s were only in there for a couple of minutes – but still the bottoms were burnt heavily.

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