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How to use frozen pizza bases

We all have those days when our schedules are too packed to spend hours making pizza dough that needs lots of time to ferment. But guess what? Even on your busiest days, you can still enjoy a fresh and perfectly fermented pizza, and it doesn’t involve ordering from a pizzeria. Nope, it’s all about whipping up your pizza magic from scratch, and you can have it ready in just 10 minutes (with a bit of cheating of course). You prepare the dough in advance, ideally on those less hectic days, allowing it to rise and ferment as usual!

Preparing the dough 

When your schedule isn’t crazy, and you have some time left over, that’s the perfect opportunity to make pizza dough. You can use any pizza recipe you like.

  1. Once your dough has proofed perfectly, crank your oven to its highest setting, ideally around 572°F / 300°C or even hotter. When the oven reaches the right temperature, shape your pizza ball into a base and apply the amount of tomato sauce you prefer. If unsure, 60 grams is a good starting point.
  2. Slide your pizza into the oven and bake until it’s firm enough to take out, which will take around 5 minutes at approximately 482°F / 250°C. If you have a high-heat pizza oven, cranking up the heat can get you a perfectly pre-cooked pizza in just 40 seconds. The pizza should still have that white, undercooked look when you pull it out of the oven.
  3. Place the pizza on a cooling rack, let it cool completely, and then it’s time for the fun part – topping your pizza with all your favorite ingredients. Wrap your pizza up in a plastic wrap, ensuring it’s completely sealed to keep the frosty chill at bay.
  4. Ta-da! You’ve just whipped up your very own homemade frozen pizza. Trust me, no store-bought pizza can come close to the taste and quality of this creation. And the best part? You can stash this pizza in your freezer for up to 3 months, so it’s always ready when those pizza cravings strike.

Next time you’re short on time but craving a slice of heaven, grab your pizza from the freezer and slide it, still frozen, into a preheated oven. Bake it until golden brown at your oven’s highest setting. Slice it up and enjoy!

frozen pizza dough

Tips and tricks

  • If baking at extreme temperatures (anything above 662°F / 350°C), I’ve got a hot tip for you – pre-cook those veggie toppings briefly before covering your pizza base with them. This prevents your pizza from getting too soggy, and it’s the secret to a crispy, delicious pizza.
  • Don’t forget to mark the date on your pizza’s packaging. This way, you’ll always know when you made it and whether it’s still good to go. It’s all about staying organized and enjoying your homemade pizza whenever you please.
  • Prevent excessive baking during the pre-cooking stage. If the pizza is already overly cooked at this point, there’s a chance it might become overdone during the final baking session, while the toppings might not be fully cooked yet. 

By Safia Abali

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