The BBQ Kit lets you experience the joy of working with food and fire. With this kit, you can really go to high-temperature grilling by placing the grill low above the smouldering coals and have a beautiful piece of meat, fish or delicious vegetables ready in minutes. Would you like to have a little less intense heat? simply place the grill in its higher position. The kit is made out of the same sturdy Corten steel as the Oven and comes with a heavy-duty 6 mm thick stainless steel grill grate. 

Use the BBQ on its own or use the oven and BBQ at the same time to prepare a true feast. 

The BBQ kit is meant to go on top of the Outdoor Oven. It doesn’t matter if you have had it for over 3 years or you’re still planning on buying it. It will fit!

Disclaimer: If you are a proud owner of the Outdoor Oven 2.0 from the Kickstarter, unfortunately here the kit won’t be compatible.


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Place and fasten the BBQ kit on top of the Outdoor Oven, add some coal, insert the grill and you are ready for action.

Corten steel

The BBQ Kit is made entirely from 3mm-thick (0.12in) Corten steel sheets.

Corten is a steel alloy that forms a protective layer of rust on its surface. When you order our BBQ Kit, you will receive it without any rust. As soon as you place it on top of the BBQ Kit outside, where it will be subject to different weather conditions, the rusting process will set in on the outside. Depending on where you live, the process of turning from blank to rusty steel can take between a few months up to a year.

The steel is meant to rust in order to form a protective coating. In the first phase of the rusting process, some flakes of rust might come loose, but after a while this will stop and the BBQ Kit will get its final look.

Stainless steel. 

The Grill grate  is made entirely from 6mm-thick RVS rod welded on an 8 mm rod, making it a super sturdy, heavy-duty grill grate that will withstand intense heat, cold, rain, snow and will give you a lifetime of happy grilling.


The BBQ Kit is D:40 x L:37 x H:17 cms.
Handle: 23cms
Weighs: 12kg

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