Oven Cover 2.0


The Outdoor Oven 2.0 is made to be outside and can withstand almost any type of weather. However, the wooden handles and the baking stone inside the oven are a bit more fragile and if you’re planning to leave your oven outside during winter, it can’t hurt to give them a little protection. With this cover, you can be sure that they won’t absorb any moisture from the rain and that they won’t get dirty or damaged.

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The oven cover is made of a fully coated Acrylic fabric. It is 100% waterproof.

Whenever you need to clean the cover you can use a wet sponge with a little bit of soap. The cover cannot be washed, or tumble-dried since the coating (waterproof layer) will be damaged during these processes.

Since the fabric is made out of Acrylic it is very important you will never iron it or place it over an oven that is not completely cooled down. Wait at least 8 hours after firing before you place the cover over your Outdoor Oven.

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The cover is (L)54,5x(W)46,5x(H)78cms.

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